Why My Services?


I am extremely professional when it comes to my work. I have a strong sense of integrity and dedication when it comes to working with clients.


I've always lived by the philosophy of "quality over quantity" when it comes to writing. You won't get "fluff" from me. Every word means something; every word is important; It's a craft.

Timely Turn-Around

I believe in giving clients high quality work--but understand the importance of fast turn around.

What Others Are Saying

Nicholas J Piva

Nicholas J Piva

Owner/Founder of Moby Dick Nauticals, Candleworks Publishing, BecomeTheLion.com & Real Estate Investor

Madeleine is truly a great writer. She has a knack for taking my ideas and transmuting them into words. Not only do I use her for copy, she is also an amazing Canva resource. She has great design and writing skills. I love working with her.

Matthew Clarendon

Matthew Clarendon

Owner/Founder of Ozymandias Agency and Lighthouse Publishing

She's great to work with. An amazing writer and talented at many things online. I feel good about referring clients to her and knowing they are in good hands.

Stella Xifaras

Stella Xifaras

Chief Operating Officer of Upper Deck LTD.

She's great at writing everything from letters to articles to product descriptions. Madeleine offers a unique sense of quality in her writing I haven't found anywhere else.

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