Journal-Style, Semi-Vegan, 30-Hour Work Week + Full Time Student Reality

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Tonight, Friday, March 9th, is the first night in almost a month I’ve made time for my own writing. As an English major, all I do all day is read and write. Though I love every minute of it, it can be at times draining to keep up with work, school, and a personal blog. But I’m NOT complaining! The way I see it, we’re all human: we can’t manage it all. Yet, I try to!  I see this blog as an outlet for creativity and identity. In the last few months I’ve under gone many changes, all positive. I see myself unfolding more and more every week, discovering new ideas and ways of looking at the world. There have been a few 12am nights lately, trying to keep up with my work load, but I haven’t been beating myself up about it. There are mornings I’ve let myself sleep in, I’ve missed out on the gym, but also mornings when I’m on my game by 6:30 with a workout and a smoothie to start my day. Because of my busy schedule, letting the “little things” go, has been increasingly more important. I’ve become an expert juggler. How? Managing different work-related projects and school projects at the same time— all whilst trying to stay sane 😉 Don’t worry, I’m loving every minute of it! If only there were two of me.



In other news, I’ve been working towards a semi-vegan, or vegan diet. It’s cleared up my skin so much, which I’m extremely grateful for. Cutting out cheese has been really hard for me (because I used to put cheese on almost everything), but now that I’ve been dairy-free almost 2 weeks, I can officially say I feel SO much better. Let me just say, after watching, WHAT THE HEALTH, on Netflix, I will never be the same. I’ve also cut out most meat from my diet. The only time I’ve deterred is for two nights out at two of my favorite restaurants where I ordered Salmon. This is why I don’t think I will become a full vegan. I really like Salmon and some other types of fish. I don’t see any real reason I should give these up, but we will see. My main goal is to stick to dairy-free and try to work towards a plant-based diet as much as I can! Though, it can be difficult with a busy schedule, I’ve been managing—and feeling so much better!

More To Come


I hope you enjoyed this journal-style entry for tonight. During my Spring break I hope to be writing more content and setting aside more time for my own writing. Stay tuned.

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