“Morocco: Love In Times Of War” On Netflix

“Te Quiero”


Warning: This passage may contain spoilers and give serious insight into characters.

Español. The language of amor. Love. Nothing can begin to describe how Morocco: Love In Times Of War will make you feel. I laughed. I cried. I bawled my eyes out. I felt more inspired than I have in a long time. It’s incredible when a film, a show, or a novel can have a tremendous impact on you emotionally. I don’t believe, in all my days I’ve seen a show make me feel the premise of love so strongly as this one.

Julia an innocent, yet outstandingly courageous, brave girl, leaves for Melilla, a war-zone to look for her brother and her fiancé. With not a second thought for the dangers that awaited her she embarked on a journey based on her love for these two people. Selflessness. Her fair skin, blue eyes, and golden hair—her soft curls hug her cheeks and make her stand out as a breath-taking European. Julia is a fighter. She fights for love. Love for her brother, love for her fiancé, love for people, and ultimately, true love.

And then there’s Fidel. Fidel, the man every woman wants. The man not every woman can have. He’s the strong man in the uniform. The man that saves lives. His dark hair and black mustache, his military uniform, set him apart from the other men in the hospital. He’s left to choose between two women: Julia and Susana. Susana, the beautiful dark haired Spanish woman who’s always the most stylish, and made-up—the girl whose father is Head of Sanitary Affairs– and then there is Julia, the bravest girl he’s ever known. The strong one. The woman he shares his love for medicine and helping other’s with. The love triangle is captivating.

This show truly shows how difficult romance can be. Things are never black and white. Life is grey, and relationships can change in an instant. I mean, bombs are going off. It’s a battlefield literally, and figuratively.

A glance can change the course of two people forever. Fidel meets Julia’s gaze over the operating table, after they have just saved a life. He looks into her soul, her being, and Julia stares back into his.

And the entirety of the hospital relies on the premise that Fidel and Susana are together. If they should break-up, everything comes crumbling apart. Her father will send Fidel, far away to another hospital. Could love be tested any further than this? Could it become even more impossible for Fidel and Julia to be together?

Not only is the love story of this show, the most romantic the world has ever seen, the women of this show are the strongest and bravest women you’ve ever seen also. These women risking their lives in one of the most dangerous places in the world, all to nurse the soldiers, the wounded men from war, back to life. They don’t just change bandages, they give these men hope, they go into war-zones to save lives, and they never give up no matter how difficult it gets in Melilla.

Brush up on your Spanish, because it’s all in Spanish, but don’t worry, there are subtitles in English, too. If you’re like me, and you love historical romances, this is your show. I cannot wait for the second season to be released.

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