Time To Reflect

Every year we enter the New Year with a list of things we want to do better on. From relationships– to finances– to losing weight, we often talk about what we want to accomplish—and we’re all well aware of how it’s easy to not follow through—or lose sight of these New Years resolutions come March, April, and the subsequent months. Life happens, and we all get busy, but it’s important to try not to lose sight of these goals! Goals are what keep us growing.

The New Year is one of my favorite times of each year, as it’s a time of self-reflection, a time to get re-motivated and to set goals for the upcoming one.

New Years Workshop

It’s easy to lose this motivation as the days get warmer, and the weather gets nicer. That’s why accountability is so important. Writing these goals down is so important— as it will help you refer back to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and keep your head focused on what you really want to change, or might I say, improve, in your life.

This year, a couple of days before January 1st, we plan to have a “New Years Workshop” in our house. That means everything will be removed from our festive dining room table (Christmas decor), and for at least an hour we will work specifically on goal setting.

Write It Down!

First, I usually take some time to reflect in my notebook. Just putting a pen to paper helps me really think about the past year: struggles, triumphs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything out in the open. I reflect on my accomplishments, and how I achieved them. I reflect on my relationships, what ones improved, soared, or faulted. This is a great time to do some deep thinking and reflect on yourself as a person, sibling, parent, colleague, friend, and as an individual.

If you take some time to think about where you were January 1st of 2017, who were you? Did you look different? Talk different? Act differently? Chances are you probably did all of these things— if not on a large scale, the chances you did something different with your hair, makeup, clothes, or maybe you lost or gained weight— the chances are very high. We all change. A year often flies by as we get older. But if we take the time to stop and think about a year truly, you’ll see there are 365 days of evolution—good or bad—of you as an individual. That’s enough time for significant changes to occur.

So, Are you happy with where you are? Are you happy with the changes that happened this year?

If the answer is yes: then what can you improve this coming year? How can you become a better version of yourself?

If the answer is no: What can you do differently in 2018? What goals can you set to change the course you are on, no matter what aspect of your life it is?

I love writing these thoughts down in a journal. Just take some time to write your heart out. Reminisce about anything from 2017! The most important thing is to get it down on paper.

Organize Your Goals


Visualize Your Achievement

Now, It’s time to get these thoughts organized! Break out your laptop and set at least 1-3 goals in the following areas: Emotional/Personal – Financial/Career – Relationships. This is an easy number of goals to set, but feel free to set more for yourself. Make sure these goals are realistic but push yourself out of your comfort zone a little. These shouldn’t be easy to attain—but they should be possible with the right determination and accountability. Type them out. Edit them. Perfect them. Print them out.

It’s important to see these goals every day you wake up! Visualize yourself achieving them. Believe you can achieve them, and hold yourself accountable for them until you achieve them all. Don’t be deterred by the months that go by. These are your goals for 2018. A fresh start. A New Year. Believe in yourself.

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